Will of Alexander Hintz 1809



Abstract of Will of Alexander HINTZ, 1809: Deer Township, Allegheny County, PA


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Alexander Hintz of Deer Township, dated October 3, 1805, proved March 3,

1809; wife Abigaile; children:  Jacob Alexander (Butler’s Improvement on

the Grassy Run), Henry, Elizabeth and Margaret; wife Abigail and son

Henry Hintz executors; witnesses, John McClelland and Reuben Ayers. [Most

of the will is missing on the record book and there is no signature.]

                                        folio 1 p 274

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Michael Hinds, Marion twp, Shelby, IN – Obituary

Michael Hinds, Marion twp, Shelby, IN - Obituary

Michael Hinds was referred to as Michael Hinds jr. although he was the son of Peter Hinds. He was named after his uncle Michael Hinds of Addison twp., Shelby, IN.

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Letter pertaining to S.E. Fuller

The following letter was posted to Fuller 1830 New York Census:

Hugh Scott E Fuller b. 1785 d.1830 This Census pertans to H.S.E Fuller who married #1 {Abigail Gardner} and had 2 children by his First marriage (Ervin H. Fuller who married a Phipps) and (Abigail Fuller who married a Smith) When H.S.E Fuller wife {Abigail Gardner} died in 1822 H.S.E Fuller returned to Elba, Genesee New York and married a #2 wife {Nancy Gardner} on May 2, 1826 who is the Female Person of this 1830 Census age 30-39. Of their Union they had 3 children born. Two males under 5 {James Fuller} and {David Fuller}. One female born in 1830 Mary Ann Fuller. These 3 children are half brothers and sister to Erwin H. Fuller who was b. in 1819 Ohio or N.Y who married a Nancy Dodd Phipps. I am not related directly to this Family but Nancy Gardner married a second time when H.S.E Fuller died in 1830. She Married again in 1833 Elba or Pembroke New York to John G. Vader and of their Union had one daughter. John G. Vader is my GG grandmother’s brother. Hope this helps out some of your family issues and may God Bless you all…Elizabeth (eliznyk@yahoo.com)

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Further Comment Relating to S.E. Fuller

Hello, I know she married H.S.E in 1826 because he came back to Genesee County after his wife Abigail died in 1822 Ohio. Nancy was born in North Pembroke so I guess that is where she was married. Her Mom and Dad were married in the Greenville Presbyterian Church her Dad was from Renesaelerville and the Mother from Durham Hector New York. The Jewel Register confirms the marriage took place. I would suggest if you need an actual document on her to write to the Genesee County Historian the only problem here is they charge a fee. There were a lot of Quaker friends meeting houses around at the time. Iam thinking it could have been in a Quaker Church. I followed Betsey and John G. Vader alot their Father was a Minister of the Dale Baptist Church that burned Down in 1820/22. Hope this helps….Elizabeth

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 Children of Pearl Phipps-Fuller and Rev. Hugh Scott Fuller

Picture:  Ernest, Bertha, Jim, Cora , Hugh, Ruth, Scott, May and Everett

I feel lucky to have this picture of my grandmother with her siblings.  It is the only one in my collection that shows them together as young adults.  Of course, a couple of siblings had passed away at a younger age and are not included.  I sometimes wonder what occasion it was that brought them together.  Was it a funeral, wedding or just a family dinner after church?  This picture isn’t perfect; it has some damage and is a little fuzzy but I feel lucky to have it.

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Phipps-Fuller Pitch-In Dinner 2011

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“Their story, yours and mine — is what we all carry with us on this trip we take. We owe it to ourselves to respect our stories and learn from them.”

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